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In order to foster cooperation with any company, we follow a specific Mersal Logistic system in order to have a consistent workflow.
We provide any company that we collaborate with the username and password for our online system so that the work order form is available to them. We also present the option for companies to fill out a template that is sent by email, which fills out the work order automatically.
After the work order is put into our system, we will immediately send the proper vehicle to the requested warehouse.
If labor is requested, we will provide the company with experienced and health certified professionals.
If handling heavy items is requested, we will provide forklifts, as our max labor carry weight is 25 kg.
The loading of our trucks will always be supervised by one of our team members to ensure the laborers and drivers are working according to the established safety procedures and in a timely fashion.

About Us

We understand the dynamics of the goods transportation that our client faces and recognize the unique opportunity to handle this work. we believe that the transportation as well as loading of different varieties of goods are big responsibility to deliver them in certain time, our unique ability to deliver goods and our successful track record with UN agencies and NGOs makes us an invaluable partner in the delivery market.

Our Services

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • In land transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Packing and Providing NFIs
  • Heavy machinery rental
  • Generators Rental
  • Generators Services
  • Loading / Unloading Trucks & Containers

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About us

We have emerged as one of the most prominent distributing companies in Libya, having conducted business in more than 49 cities. Since Mersal Logistics opened in March 2015, we have successfully delivered over 41 thousand packages across Libya.

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