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Logistical suppliers of Emergency & Relief Items l Transportation services l Custom clearance l WH handling l Warehouse rent and much more...


All of our efforts and investments are geared towards offering optimal solutions.

Mersal Logistics Company is 100% confident that our proposed logistics support strategies will meet your highest expectations and will be able to help you accomplish all of your projects within your preferred time frame.  We aim to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and are willing to answer any questions that you may have.

We have emerged as one of the most prominent distributing companies in Libya, having conducted business in more than 49 cities.  Since Mersal Logistics opened in March 2015, we have successfully delivered over 41 thousand packages across Libya.

We are proud to offer a wide range of valuable services to our clients such the following: 

Transportation services.Custom clearance. WH handling. Warehouse rent. Labors. Cleaning and fumigation, sanitizing. Supply NFIs kits. Supply food item kits. Hygiene kits. Handyman & construction. General Supply( food , cleaning materials, stationary, Generators all materials to support your mission in Libya.) Any logistical support.


Logistic Services & Products
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We guarantee to always provide the required number of vehicles.
A variety of renting trucks
Forklifts that can support all weights
Cranes in the desert and in the seaports
Trucks that can adjust to the conditions of the environment

40 ft

40 Feet container
with refrigerator

20 ft

20 Feet container
with refrigerator

10 ft

10 Feet container
with refrigerator


H1 Truck


Our abundance of Mersal Logistics vehicles enables us to keep control of our distribution network, as well as offer guaranteed security and reliability to our client’s services.

We utilize a variety of vehicles from heavy-duty semi-trailers to specifically tailored vehicles to suit your every need, including ones where the temperature can be controlled. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a GPS device to ensure that your goods arrive at the correct location in a timely manner.

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About Us

We understand the dynamics of the goods transportation that our client faces and recognize the unique opportunity to handle this work. we believe that the transportation as well as loading of different varieties of goods are big responsibility to deliver them in certain time, our unique ability to deliver goods and our successful track record with UN agencies and NGOs makes us an invaluable partner in the delivery market.

Our Services

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • In land transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Packing and Providing NFIs
  • Heavy machinery rental
  • Generators Rental
  • Generators Services
  • Loading / Unloading Trucks & Containers

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