Our global network and full-service team of airfreight and expedited freight professionals are ready to help.

Warehousing, Stock Control, and AssemblyLogistics Services

Our Value-Added Services include warehousing wherever our client needs, using computerized stock and inventory control, order picking, packing, providing assembly of components, controlling the order, and managing the communication between supplier and consignees.

Logistical Functions for WarehousesManagement and Control

We set up our warehouses by providing labor, as well as supplying forklifts in order to move the goods around efficiently. Our project group specialists then analyze the given requirements and are able to propose recommendations for the most effective ways to handle the products.

Customs Clearance, and SuppliesDelivery Destination

Our company is strongly dedicated to immediately shipping vehicles and small packages after the completion of a work order form, covering all Libyan cities. To expedite the shipping process, we provide customs clearance support at the majority of our seaports and airports. We additionally supply and deliver materials and food to non-governmental organizations for their urgent humanitarian activities.



Our Expertise is the Best in the Logistics Service

Our company offers a comprehensive range of express, times and easy economy delivery services. We provide affordable postal.

Express Delivery

Organically grow rates

Timed Delivery

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Economy Service

Workplace diversity

Our team



Our company prepares daily status reports to enable our clients to track the progress of their shipments and work performance at all levels.  Since our busy clients typically do not have the time to directly contact us every day to receive details of their order, the written daily reports are an efficient way to communicate all projects, issues, tasks, and progress to our clients when they are available to assure them that their delivery is on track.



All of our vehicles are 100% guaranteed to be legally insured, and with functioning GPS devices to ensure your goods reach the correct destination.  All of our drivers have pledged to comply with our ethics policy in order to interact with clients in a professional manner.

Free Zone at the Seaport

We promise to provide you with the best services and all the logistic support you wish at the Free Zone due to the flexible economic policies.

Additional Guarantees

Mersal Logistics Services

Other guarantees that Mersal Logistics Company ensures:

  • A minimum of two trucks delivery per month for your company.
  • Trucks will perform delivery immediately after loading.
  • All drivers will have driving qualifications, and a valid driver’s license.  They also will be provided with cell phones to establish a line of communication.
  • No trans-shipping of materials is permitted
  • No materials other than your company’s cargo will be carried on the truck when it is in transit.

About us

We have emerged as one of the most prominent distributing companies in Libya, having conducted business in more than 49 cities. Since Mersal Logistics opened in March 2015, we have successfully delivered over 41 thousand packages across Libya.

Our services

• Air freight
• Sea freight
• In land transportation
• Warehousing
• Packing and Providing NFIs
• Heavy machinery rental
• Generators Rental
• Generators Services
• Loading / Unloading Trucks & Containers

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Mail & Address

Alsiraj empassies Rd. Tripoll Libya

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